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the essential production application

for industry professionals,
by industry professionals

one centralised platform with integrated features and functionality for your stage management team to communicate to the entire company.

Platform Overview

Streamline Data Distribution

Archive Production Information

Increase Productivity

PromptPad will enhance communication within the team, streamline data distribution more efficiently and become the ultimate GDPR compliant platform specifically catered to the arts and entertainment industry.

Why PromptPad?

benefits for you and your team


Manage Paperwork

Create, store and share production details in one centralised platform

Once your company account is setup, you will be able to add your Stage Manager for all of your individual shows to the platform to work through.


Private & Secure

PromptPad gives you added security for confidential production data by:

  • Giving specific access permissions for other Cast & Crew members on what information they can view.

  • Removing all company members, including the Stage Manager from the production after the run so data is not kept on personal computers


Increase Communication

Add Cast and Crew members to the platform as collaborators

view schedules

view daily reports

see announcements

instant access

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