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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to make PromptPad the essential production application for any theatre show, concert, or event. We aim to be the number one choice for production companies to manage their entire workflow when producing their shows. We will be striving towards improving collaboration, communication, productivity and data security.
On top of everything else, we want to build a successful brand around our fantastic product that will allow us to be an advocate for the arts industry, putting company policies and values in place that directly reflect our incredibly inclusive and diverse industry at the heart of our own company.
Time for Change

Time for Change

Traditionally, the arts industry have managed their shows through multiple channels of communication within their team. This has been highlighted as a real issue for production companies to improve communication and collaboration throughout the entire production process.
Whether it comes to the management of the rehearsal room, technical rehearsal or bringing a show on tour, there is no set structure of how production and company information is shared and organised.
This results in paperwork created by each department to be visually different or irretrievable after the run has ended.
Lack of Innovation

Lack of Innovation

The physical version of a prompt book created by Stage Managers is outdated and mundane. This has traditionally been the form of hand written Cues and Blocking notes created throughout the rehearsal process.
Not only does this outdated method of working impact the Stage Manager - struggling to read the faded pencil markings when calling a show, it also strongly affects the production company as a whole.
Our technology transforms this methodology into a fully digital solution, creating an entire digital paper-trail for producers to recreate their shows at a future point.
We are introducing a brand new age of technology into our industry, and PromptPad is the solution.

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